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The Land Platform Modernization Kit is a tool that enables a 360-degree real-time battlefield environment delivery to the crew of armored vehicles and tanks . As a result, the overall performance of the machines would be significantly improved.

Thank to AI-based targeting sub-system, M2M communication options, and BMS integration, our product optimizes information management, increases battlefield effectiveness and survivability, as well as reduces management workload on the crew.
$ 200.000
$ 1.000.000
'Tinder' for Networks - connect, share and solve problems in trusted networks - using card swipe interface, machine learning AI & other 'things' - built in Ukraine
B2b mobile app for companies, associations and communities to connect, share and solve problems within their 'trusted networks'. Unique feature of the card-swipe interface ("Tinder for Networks") driven by content (not people's profiles). Members and networks owners can share problems or information in card format. Cards are tagged with a ML AI, cards are then directed to users based on tag matching AI, and each member gets a unique deck of cards each day. Swiping right (yes) starts a 1:1 chat or a group chat. Every swipe also updates the tag matching. In addition to Cards and Chat there is also a Member List and a geolocation map (for people - and soon content). The business model is monthly subscription licenses - and in future we have a platform for additional revenue streams.
$ 10.000
$ 150.000
Вращающийся отель
Revo hotel360 is a business venture unlike any other!Imagine a hotel which has only rooms with the best view. Imagine that each room has only the best light. Imagine rooms with
revo hotel 360 is a business venture unlike any other! Imagine a hotel which has only rooms with the best view. Imagine that each room has only the best light. Imagine rooms with a CHANGING view!
The building is divided in two elements. The one that revolves - a five level segment - holds 270 rooms that include both doule/twin rooms and luxurious apartments (30 pieces) along with some supporting functions like conference rooms, boutiques etc. The static part of the hotel provides all necessary supporting functions, including an entrance hall, parking spaces, storage and technical areas. The two are connected by a static core around which the rooms revolve. The core holds elevators, staircases and neccessary technical infrastructure like water, sewage and electrical connections. On top of the hotel are two static levels on a circular basis, that hold a large and versatile kitchen facility (level +6) and a panoramic restaurant with a glass dome roof (level +7).
$ 10.000.000
$ 200.000.000
Wandle, LLC
Our idea is to reduce the frequency of human interaction with the phone.
We are developing in three adjacent directions: Mobile tech. Big data. Artificial Intelligence.
$ 100.000
$ 500.000
Fugine offers a different look at flying devices, combining spheres - Aircraft, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics.
Fugine Ego is a high-tech autonomous system based on artificial intelligence, created for everyday human help and optimization of its time.
At the current stage, we are looking for partner investors who will believe in us, in our crazy ideas and be proud of us in the future, helping to build a company with a worldwide reputation - Fugine.
$ 250.000
$ 10.000.000
Visualizations, games and 3d object for other companies
I am during work on 3d objects, in my portfolio you can find few renders from game engines. My workflow:
- Create objects
- Sell
- Make visualisations and games for others

I am looking for people who can help me to speed process of develpoment, by money.
$ 50.000
$ 200.000

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